The Puca
Blarna the puca is a smooth talking shape-shifting trouble maker. Her short but stout shaft features a ridged upper portion and a gentle knot on a base of thick fur. We recommend this model for those looking for beginner knotted toys and users who don't enjoy a lot of length.

Small Blarna
Starting at $55 USD

Total Length 5"
Usable Length 4"
Tip Circumference 2.75"
Tip Diameter 1"
Shaft Circumference 4.75"
Shaft Diameter 1.25"
Knot Circumference 5.5"
Knot Diameter 1.75"​

​Medium Blarna
​Starting at $125 USD

Total Length 7"
Usable Length 5.25"
Tip Circumference 3.25"
Tip Diameter 1.25"
Shaft Circumference 6"
Shaft Diameter 1.75"
Knot Circumference 7.5"
Knot Diameter 2.25"