Marl the isopod

Meet Marl! Don’t let this tiny top fool you, he may be small and cute, but Marl packs a punch! Short and stout, Marl features a blunt head, pronounced textured ridges and a plump textured base.

This collaborative model was designed by the wonderful @Poly_N_Nervous on Twitter/X and sculpted for us by the talented Deviant Gardens!

Check out Marl's packer version here!


Starting at $35 USD

Entire Length: 3.5”

Usable Length: 2.75"

Base Width: 2”
Base Length: 2.75"

Max Diameter:1.75"

Min Diameter: 1.5"

Max Circumference: 5"

Min Circumference: 4.25"


Starting at $55 USD

Entire Length: 4.5"

Usable Length: 3.75"

Base Width: 2.5"
Base Length: 3.25"

Max Diameter: 2"

Min Diameter: 1.75"

Max Circumference: 6"

Min Circumference: 5.25"


Starting at $85 USD

Entire Length: 5"

Usable Length: 4.25"

Base Width: 3"
Base Length: 4"

Max Diameter: 2.25"

Min Diameter: 2"

Max Circumference: 7"

Min Circumference: 6"

More Sizes Coming  Soon!