Marl the isopod

Rend is on the prowl and ready for action, will you be lucky enough to come across him on one of his hunts and let this demon possess you and endow you with his barbed shaft? This closed ended mini stroker is designed for folks with vulvas and can suction onto most size anatomies. The thin base of this design is meant to be more conducive for folks’ with recessed bits that traditional mini strokers have trouble reaching. A row of stimulating bumps and ridges line the entrance of the channel with gentle ridges lining the deeper portions. The oblong oval opening allows for better suction than commonly seen round openings. Check out our Rend insertable toy here!

One Size

Starting at $35 USD

Outer Length: 4”

Average Outer Diameter: 1.75"

Average Outer Circumference: 4.5"

Inner Length: 2"

Average Inner diameter: 2.5"

Max Opening Diameter: 0.75"