Marl the isopod

Rend is on the prowl and ready for action, will you be lucky enough to come across him on one of his hunts and catch his eye? Rend’s long shaft features a slim head, a generous swell and is deliciously adorned with barbs and gentle veining- all emerging from a slit base with intricate fur details. Check out our Rend mini stroker here!


Starting at $35 USD

Entire Length: 5"

Usable Length: 4"

Base Width: 1.75"
Base Length: 3"

Tip Diameter: 0.75"

Max Diameter: 1.5"

Min Diameter: 1.25"

Tip Circumference: 2.5"

Max Circumference: 4"

Min Circumference: 3"


Starting at $55 USD

Entire Length: 6"

Usable Length: 5"

Base Width: 2.25"
Base Length: 3.5"

Tip Diameter: 1"

Max Diameter: 2"

Min Diameter: 1.5"

Tip Circumference: 3"

Max Circumference: 5.25"

Min Circumference: 4" 


Starting at $85 USD

Entire Length: 7"

Usable Length: 5.75"

Base Width: 2.75"
Base Length: 4.5"

Tip Diameter: 1"

Max Diameter: 2.25"

Min Diameter: 2"

Tip Circumference: 3.5"

Max Circumference: 6.25"

Min Circumference: 5" 

More Sizes Coming  Soon!