Designed to accompany our packer model Beau's Sheath and our insertable model Beau's Shaft, Beau the werewolf is more than happy to lend his likeness to help you feel your best!
This hollow sheath design features a gently textured interior with stimulating wrinkles and ridges throughout and a curved back for comfort if using as a wearable! This model is suitable for all anatomies and can be used as a stroker, a packer, a bumper, or a c-ring, use it to add balls to a model you wish had them, penetrate it from the front while a partner wears it, your fun is only limited by your imagination!


Starting at $35

Entire Height: 2"

Entire Length: 4"

Sheath Width: 2"

Sheath Circumference: 5.5" 

Balls Width: 2.5"

Balls Circumference: 7" 


Starting at $60

Entire Height: 3"

Entire Length: 4.5"

Sheath Width: 2.25"

Sheath Circumference: 6.5" 

Balls Width: 3.25"

Balls Circumference: 8.5" 


Max Depth: 2.5"

Front Opening Diameter: 1"

Front Opening Circumference: 2.75"

Back Opening Diameter: 1.25"

Back Opening Circumference: 4"

Average Internal Circumference: 3.75"


Max Depth: 2"

Front Opening Diameter: 0.75"

Front Opening Circumference: 2.25"

Back Opening Diameter: 1"

Back Opening Circumference: 3.5"

Average Internal Circumference: 3"