Atratus The Deep Sea Anomaly

From the deep unknown of the sea comes this fearsome monster! Even though his exterior mantle is sharp and unforgiving, he still has a soft and inviting inside untasted by mortals, and he is more than willing to share its delights with you. Atratus Features a gently curved shaft covered in delectable hand-sculpted details on an equally detailed base of urchin-like spines. 

This model was designed and sculpted by the talented Venus @ultraohwormhole!

Size Mini

Starting at $35

Total Length: 5"

Usable Length: 3.5"

Min Circumference: 2"

Min Diameter: 0.5"

Max Circumference: 4.25"

Max Diameter: 1.5"

Base Circumference: 8"

Size Small

Starting at $60

Total Length: 5.5"

Usable Length: 4"

Min Circumference: 2.25"

Min Diameter: 0.75"

Max Circumference: 5"

Max Diameter: 1.75"

Base Circumference: 9.25"

Size Medium

Starting at $100

Total Length: 7"

Usable Length: 5"

Min Circumference: 2.5"

Min Diameter: 1"

Max Circumference: 6"

Max Diameter: 2"

Base Circumference: 11.25"

Size Large

Starting at $165

Total Length: 9"

Usable Length: 6.5"

Min Circumference: 3"

Min Diameter: 1.25"

Max Circumference: 8"

Max Diameter: 2.5"

Base Circumference: 14.5"

Size Extra Large

Total Length: 11"

Usable Length: 7.75"

Min Circumference: 3.5"

Min Diameter: 1.5"

Max Circumference: 9.25"

Max Diameter: 2.75"

Base Circumference: 17.5"