The shop is primarily run by me, Alex! I manage all the socials, handle the pouring, customer service, sculpting models, handling all the 3D printing and post processing of models and molds. I also make all of the art and infographics for the site, I manage and host the shop site itself and I handle all the day to day responsibilities like reordering supplies and paying taxes (not my favorite part tbh). My husband, Aurora, helps me keep the shop clean, helps me pack up orders, and generally offers his support whenever he can. The third member of our shop is Bitey (she bites). Bitey helps deisgn some of the models and helps with the character designs behind the models occasionally, as well as offering emotional support to me as well! 
All of our products are made from 100% platinum cure silicone, body safe pigments, and ethically sourced mica powders.
We do sometimes open for custom orders. Please see our shop for custom listings. If there are none in the shop customs are closed. We always make an announcement on our Twitter page @battybits if we will have customs available in an upcoming drop.​

Generally we try to open some form of custom each month.

 All of the sizes of each toy are specified in detail on each individual listing! We also have a handy size guide along with other useful info right here.
We run on an inventory drop model where products are "restocked" at specific times and dates. Since our shop is so small this in the only way that works for us. If there aren't any toys available to purchase in our shop have a look at when our next drop date is on our Twitter @battybits or on our home page, or check to see if we have customs open!

We currently offer our toys in super soft 00-20, soft 00-30, medium-soft Near Clear 31, medium 00-50, and rarely firm A2 and super firm A10! 00-20 through A10 refers to shore hardness. All of our silicones are MUCH softer than most big-box store toys and are lusciously squishy and delightful.

A general note about our silicone- the softer the silicone the more prone it will be to indents from storing on uneven or textured surfaces, fingernail marks, and tearing from excessively rough use. Depending on the model and pigment load some toys poured in one firmness may feel slightly different than another in the same option.

Near Clear 31 info: Near Clear as its name implies is clearer than our other silicones which have a slightly white “milk jug” opaqueness to them and is what we consider a medium-soft silicone, somewhere between soft and medium firmness. Near Clear is much clearer and shows off color shift and super sparkly pigments beautifully, but also comes with a few drawbacks. Near Clear will yellow with UV and heat exposure faster and more noticeably than our regular silicone and is also susceptible to indents, nail marks, and permanently capturing textures on the bottom of the base when stored on rough surfaces, along with it tearing slightly easier from excessively rough use. In general, Near Clear toys do not require special care, but these known issues should be taken into consideration when ordering toys in this firmness.

We do not! In general, we think firmness pucks while fun, do not offer accurate examples of our toys. Soft on one model may feel completely different on another due to a myriad of reasons including the girth/size of the model, pigment load, and the overall design of the model. In general, if you are questioning what firmness to get, the larger the toy the softer we recommend, especially for folks just starting out collecting!

Flops are toys that have small superficial surface defects like small nicks, air bubbles, or tears that do not affect the use of the toy. They are sold at a discount proportional to their damage. "Mega" or "turbo" flops are toys we have deemed unsafe and are not sold. Toys that have been repaired with a product called Sil-Poxy will always be listed as flops and noted in the listing description.
We do! Any orders placed with the same billing and shipping info will be combined and have shipping overages refunded. If you placed multiple orders and did not recieve a shipping refund, feel free to reach out to us. Billing and shipping info MUST match or our order combiner won't catch them!

We ship all of our orders in plain unbranded boxes. Our return address does not have our shop name on it, simply BBA. All toys are cleaned with hot water and unscented soap before being bagged in clear plastic bags and heat-sealed. Currently, we ship everywhere that USPS will allow us, excluding Germany.

At checkout, we offer USPS and UPS. Domestic (within the US) USPS options include Priority and Ground Advantage (previously First Class). Please note that all of our orders are insured through a third-party service and not directly through USPS or UPS. Our international orders are able to be shipped by USPS Priority International and USPS First Class International. We offer USPS First Class International to help cut down on shipping costs. Please be aware that First Class International orders are more prone to getting lost and we may be unable to file an insurance claim on them through Shopify, so please carefully weigh the pros and cons between choosing Priority International vs First Class International. For folks who prefer UPS, we offer UPS Worldwide Saver® which is generally cheaper than USPS Priority International, and more reliable than USPS First Class International.

We not do accept cancellations for any reason. Unless there is a mistake on the shop's part, all sales are final.

We do our best to ship orders as quickly as possible! Our current processing time for new orders is 1-2 weeks, though sometimes it can be quicker. As a disabled artist running the majority of the day-to-day operations, it takes a little longer for me to process orders and find the time to get them to our local post office.

Please note that checking out with faster shipping options like USPS Priority Express does not mean we will be able to get your order shipped faster.

We recommend you give your item(s) a good look over for any undocumented flaws while it is STILL IN THE BAG! If you have an issue with your order and have taken it out of its heat sealed bag this reduces how much we will be able to assist you! Please message us through our contact form for assistance along with your order number and photos. Please do not DM us on any social medias with order issues. We likely will not see them and they aren't secure enough.

Please try to reach out to us within a week or two of receving your order. Time frames longer than this, especially if a toy has been taken out of its bag severly limits how much we can help.

We recommend washing all orders with unscented soap and giving them a good boil or soaking them in a 5%-10% bleach solution and washing with soapy water after soaking before use. Do not boil bleach. For storage please only keep your new toy(s) with other items made from platinum cure silicone and always use water based lubricants. Non water based lubricants will eventually break down your toys and make them unsafe to use.

For storage options we recommend plastic tubs like those made for storing shoes or kitchen dry goods, and keeping your toys out of constant direct sunlight as UV rays can alter the firmness and colors of your toys. Fabric bags are also a great option for storing toys, and items can also be displayed on plastic or wooden shelves rather than tucked away. We do not recommend storing your platinum cure silicone items on uncoated glass surfaces since silicone can cure to the glass and ruin both your furniture and toy.

We're sorry, but due to the nature of our products, we cannot offer returns or exchanges for products that have had their plastic seal removed due to health and safety concerns. However, if your toy has not been removed from its packaging we can discuss options. If you have an issue with your order please reach out to us within 14 days of delivery.
Note: we will never resell a toy that has been returned to us, even if its never left its packaging.

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us! We do not communicate through DMs on any social media and will correspond by email only since it’s the most secure method for handling sensitive information like payment methods and addresses.

Please try to reach out to us within 14 days of receiving your order. We understand this isn’t always possible so depending on the situation we may be able to offer more leeway. We will always do our best to remedy any errors on our end by way of repours, refunds, or store credit. We may ask for photographs of the affected item(s) (if applicable) to get a full grasp on each individual situation.

Not at this time! If we are ever in need of product testers we will make a public announcement on our Twitter.

Unfortunately, starting a business in this industry is a risky and expensive venture. If you're interested in learning more in-depth about how products like ours are made, we highly suggest giving a visit! It's a wonderful community-driven resource guide that can definitely answer all of your questions better than we can.