Diadem The Demon

Diadem lives to rebel. This demon can be found anywhere where trouble can be found, often right in the middle of it all! Designed primarily as a packer, this wonderfully textured design complete with piercings can also double as a grinder or squish/stim item as well. Please note that because of the way the piercings are sculpted that they sometimes catch air bubbles on the underside of the packer. Custom orders may have these small bubbles and will not be considered flops.


Starting at $30 USD

Length: 3"
Width (widest points on base) 2.25"
Circumference of shaft 4"

Shaft Length (Linear): 3.5"

Shaft Length (Curved): 4.25" 


Starting at $55 USD

Length: 3.75"
Width (widest points on base) 3"
Circumference of shaft 5"

Shaft Length (Linear): 4.25"

Shaft Length (Curved): 5.5"


Starting at $85 USD

Length: 4.25"
Width (widest points on base) 3.25"
Circumference of shaft 5.75"

Shaft Length (Linear): 5"

Shaft Length (Curved): 6.25"