The Giant Grub Monster

He may not be the smartest bug around, but no worries, Gronk is the goodest boy and he's always eager to please! This grubby little man features two soft points on the tip of his head, followed by two smaller points. His shaft is generously textured with bumps, ridges, and swells.

Size Mini
Starting at $45 USD

Total Length: 4.5"
Usable Length: 4"
Tip Diameter: .75"

Tip Circumference: 3"

Max Diameter: 2"

Max Circumference: 5.5"

Min Diameter: 1.75"

Min Circumference: 5"

Size Small
Starting at $75 USD

Total Length: 5.5"
Usable Length: 4.5"
Tip Diameter: 1"

Tip Circumference: 3.5"

Max Diameter: 2.5"

Max Circumference: 6.5"

Min Diameter: 2"

Min Circumference: 6"

More Sizes Coming Soon!