Grub Packer

It's a grub

Is that a grub in your pants or are you just- oh it is a grub? Well okay then. Meet our latest packer design, the grub! Grub currently comes in two sizes, small and large and is closer in shape to a traditional packer with a fun twist!

Size Small 

Starting at $45 USD

​Length (base to shaft tip): 3"
Height (top of shaft to balls) 2.25"
Width (widest points on balls) 2.5"
​Circumference of shaft: 4"

Shaft Length (curved): 4"

Shaft Length (Linear): 3"

Size Large

Starting at $85 USD

Length (base to shaft tip): 4"

Height (top of shaft to balls) 2.75"
Width (widest points on balls) 3"
​Circumference of shaft: 5.25"

Shaft Length (curved): 5"

Shaft Length (Linear): 3.5"