The Living Gargoyle 
Spire Character Designs by the talented @Smatterbrain on Twitter

Even though she may be made of stone, Spire is surprisingly soft! Her smooth gently curved tongue rests upon a mess of long sharp fangs. Subtle nubs and a textured underside make for a unique ride.

Spire's character design is by the talented @Smatterbrain on Twitter!

Size Small
Starting at $65 USD

Total length: 6.25"
Usable length: 5.5"
Tip Diameter: 1.25"
Base Tongue Diameter: 2.25"
Tip Circumference: 3.25"
Base Tongue Circumference: 7"
Base width: 2.75"
Base length: 3.5"

Size Medium
Starting at $110 USD

Total length: 7.25"
Usable length: 6"
Tip Diameter: 1.5"
Base Tongue Diameter: 2.5"
Tip Circumference: 3.75"
Base Tongue Circumference: 8.5"
Base width: 3.5"
Base length: 4.25"

Size Large
Starting at $175 USD

Total length: 9"
Usable length: 8"
Tip Diameter: 2"
Base Tongue Diameter: 3"
Tip Circumference: 4.75"
Base Tongue Circumference: 10.75"
Base width: 4.5"
Base length: 5.5"

NOTES: The large model has a "broken" tooth feature which was unintentional in the printing process, but we decided to keep it to give her even more character!