Cup Scrap Tip Jar
Cup Scrap
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Cup Scrap Tip Jar

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Scraps! From the bottom of our pour cups! They're pretty! What can you do with them you ask? Well, stick 'em to a wall, use them as a drink coaster, throw them at your friends (or maybe actually don't) keep them on your desk to squish, just look at them, whatever!

In an effort to reduce the amount of product we throw away, offering these up helps us feel better about the amount of waste the shop produces, and lets you have an opportunity for a little extra something squishy with your order!

 These are a pay-what-you-want item, meaning that you can grab one or two for free, or if you're feeling generous toss us a few bucks to treat us here at the shop! Please limit two per order/person since we don't have a ton of them. Selection is totally random, and may or may not compliment other items in your order.

Disclaimer- please give this section a read!

We are a small shop primarily run by one person and all of the products in our store are handmade items. Due to the nature of the printing and processing methods available to us to produce our models, sanding marks, printer texture, and scuffs are impossible to completely eliminate. Please keep this in mind when purchasing from us.

We only use body safe colorants in our products, including ethically sourced mica powders and other pigments. Sometimes these pigments are difficult to capture on camera and some toys may look slightly different in person vs on a screen.

Our products are all made with 100% platinum cure silicone and are hearty and durable, but should still be used with care. Please be careful to keep your items away from sharp objects and away from direct sunlight to prolong their color and durability.

While all of our products are cleaned and dried before placing them in heat sealed bags, we highly recommend giving your new items a bath before use. Platinum cure silicone toys can be boiled to sanitize, or soaked in a dilute bleach solution. We recommend cleaning your toys regularly to prolong their life, and only using water-based lubricants as silicone-based products will damage your toys and make them unsafe to use after prolonged exposure.

Lastly, please use common sense and practice safe use!